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Engino Discovering STEM - Newton's Laws

Brand: Elenco
SKU: 9534
Age: 8+

Newton's Law set is full of exciting, hands-on experiments that let kids learn all about Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion and the effects of kinetic and potential energy, and how energy is transformed from one form to the other. Build 8 working models including a gravity fan, moving cabin, collision car, dragster, balloon powered plane, and ballistic catapult. Lots of detailed information provided in the cool, easy-to-follow, instruction booklet as well as on-line. For ages 8-12 yrs, from Elenco Electronics.

  • Sir Isaac Newton's three laws of motion are the basis of classical mechanics describing how things move                        
    • Newton's first law of motion and the relation between force and motion
    • Newton's second law of motion and the relation between force, mass and acceleration
    • Newton's third law of motion and the physics of action and reaction forces
  • Build 8 working models 
  • Conduct experiments to understand the scientific principles of motion and momentum, the fundamental properties of energy and what factors affect potential and kinetic energies
  • Includes a 42 page, easy-to-follow, building instruction booklet with detailed explanations of the different scientific principles, theory, experimental activities, quiz and building instructions
  • Innovative experimental activities for hands-on learning