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Make It Real DIY Tranquility Fountain

Brand: Make It Real
Item # 1751
SKU: 104254
Age: 8+
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Come create a whimsical aquatic oasis! Put together the waterfall and habitat. Construct special flower and mushroom furniture and adorn for the pixie frog & their sprite buddy. After constructing and having fun the pleasure continues! Unwind with the sound of trickling water and the tactile gratification of playing with the water beads, and the knowledge that it can be rearranged for a different feel tomorrow.

34 PCS
1 water basin bowl
1 water basin cover
1 fountain pipe
1 big cascade flower
2 small cascade flowers
2 small cascade arms
1 forest fairy
1 enchanted toad
2 wings
1 mushroom house
3 water lily pipes
3 water lily button
3 water lily closed flower
3 water lily open flower
3 water lily leaves
1 water pump
1 water pump sleeve
1 water beads bag
1 foam pads sheet
1 sticker sheet
1 instruction sheet