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Alphabet Denver

Brand: Alphabet Denver
SKU: 1014
Age: all ages
The book is 64 pages of full color photos of the ABCs found in downtown Denver Architecture! They are not supposed to be ABCs, but you will "see" them when Kitty Migaki captures them in her lens! Each letter page includes the longitude and latitude of the letter location, so you can use a smart phone, or hand held GPS, to go on a letter hunt! Find your name in letters!! No GPS? No problem, the letter addresses are in the back, and color coded for those that are close together. The letter hunt is a fun activity to do with Grandma and Grandpa - all the letter locations are "free" no paid entry required.

The book also has 10 different types of original poetry! Limericks, alliteration, concrete, acrostic, etc., to make the book fun to read and fun as a teaching tool! A list of the poetry type and associated letter is in the back.