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Animal - Glow stickers

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Brand: Gloplay
SKU: 101183

Let child's imagination run wild with this set of Animal Glow Stickers.
Glow affect charges in about 10 minutes when stickers are exposed to sunlight. Room light sources may be to week or to far away to provide a sufficient charge.

Mouse x1, Gorilla x1, Giraffe x1, Rabbit x1, Squirrel x1, Pig x1, Hedgehog x1, Deer x1, Sheep x1, Prairie dog x1, Mole x1, Monkey x1, Elephant x1, Bat x1, Cat x1, Ostrich x1, Turtle x1, Dog x1, Snake x1, Seal x1, Lion x1, Hippo x1, Horse x1, Chicken x1, Penguin x1, Lizard x1, Owl x1, Bear x1, Fox x1