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Buzzerks Mantis
Buzzerks Mantis

Buzzerks Mantis

Brand: Insect Lore
SKU: 4158
Age: 4+
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Insect Lore Buzzerks Mantis: See the world through the eyes of a praying mantis with these bug-eyed goggles!

  • Fun and engaging: These goggles are a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about the praying mantis.
  • Educational: The goggles feature realistic insect features, including antennae, spines, leggy earpieces and mandibles; hinged prismatic lenses let you experience true insect sight through compound eyes or flip them back for a normal viewing fun bug mask.

Get your Insect Lore Buzzerks Mantis today and start seeing the world through the eyes of a bug!