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Dragon Mask - Red | 12250 | Great Pretenders
Dragon Mask - Red
Dragon Mask - Red

Dragon Mask - Red

Brand: Great Pretenders
SKU: 104684
Age: 3+
Discover a dragon mask that's head and smolders above the rest! Fire up imaginary play in fantastic worlds of wonder by adding this beautifully designed mask to your child's dress-up collection. It's made from high-quality, rubberized foam, making it comfortable for hours of wear and durable for years of pretend play. The rubberized texture makes it feel like real dragon scales! Features an adjustable strap for a snug and secure fit, and wide eye openings to keep your little dragon safe while still looking fierce. Pair with green dragon mask for sibling playtime or BFF Halloween costumes.

From Creative Education of Canada, for ages 3+ yrs.