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Gems And Fish 1000 Piece Puzzle | PZTGEF | Eeboo
Gems And Fish 1000 Piece Puzzle

Gems And Fish 1000 Piece Puzzle

Brand: Eeboo
SKU: 104945
Age: 10+

Gems and Fish is a stunning 1000 piece puzzle collage of marine life. Each piece has been artfully cut from vintage natural-history prints. Every fish, eel and piece of coral has been arranged and layered to bring this oceanic scene to life. Crystals and gems are sprinkled among the octopuses and squids, giving this tranquil yet active piece an extra sparkle.

Collage art created by Clare Boersch Celeste.
Clare Celeste Borsch is an American artist living in Berlin. Her work is inspired by our planet's dwindling biodiversity. She creates lush compositions of flora and fauna to bring attention to the planetary crisis. Clare works best in the mornings with her essential cup of coffee or late at night - although, as a parent, the late nights rarely happen. She enjoys riding her bike, spending time with her family, and crafting with her son.