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Hexbug Kraken RC | 6068878 | Hex Bug
Hexbug Kraken RC
Hexbug Kraken RC

Hexbug Kraken RC - Assorted

Brand: Hexbug
Item # 6068878
SKU: 102690
Age: 8+
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Tis the season for creepy crawlies, so beware this 8-armed beast! Emerging from the watery depths, the Kraken is a powerful creature tamed by only one thing: the included remote control. Tweens and teens will have a monstrously good time moving it in all directions (even 360 degrees!) with its rotating squishy tentacles. The turbo button adds extra speed for chasing prey! Keep the play going by completely recharging the battery in just 1 hour with the included USB charging cable. Available in 3 colors. Requires 1 LiPo battery, included.

Note - Please let us know if you have a color preference.

From Spin Master, for ages 8+ yrs.