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Ice Pop Party: Rainbows & Unicorns

Brand: Handstand Kitchen
Item # bks-iceuni
SKU: 103812
Age: 6+
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Bring magical summer fun to any day making unicorn frozen treats and more with this deluxe 36 piece set! Ice pops are a breeze to make … use the funnel to fill the molds or bags with your favorite fresh ingredients and freeze, then enjoy!

Make fresh fruit ices, frozen yogurt bars, fudge pops and more, sure to cool off even the hottest day!

Recipes include: Enchanted Ice Cream Bars, Over the Rainbow Pops, Frozen Fairy Pops, Fantasy Fudgesicles and Magical Frozen Yogurt Unicorn Treats.

Items Included
  • 1(3-Cavity) Silicone Ice Pop Mold with 3 Stick Handles, 4 Plastic Single Ice Pop Molds with 4 Handles, 1 Silicone Mini Funnel, 20 Resealable Freezer Pop Bags with 2 Reusable Holders and Recipes