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LEGO® Avatar: Ilu Discovery
LEGO® Avatar: Ilu Discovery
LEGO® Avatar: Ilu Discovery
LEGO® Avatar: Ilu Discovery
LEGO® Avatar: Ilu Discovery

LEGO® Avatar 75575 Ilu Discovery

Brand: Lego
Item # 75575
SKU: 103251
Age: 8+
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Kids and Avatar film fans aged 8+ can travel to the imaginary exoplanetary moon of Pandora with this LEGO Avatar Ilu Discovery (75575) building toy set. Kids can relive their favorite moments from Avatar: The Way of Water or create dynamic scenes and storylines with this LEGO Pandora ocean set.

This LEGO Avatar collectible set features a posable ilu animal-like figure, Tsireya and Tuk minifigures plus Pandora coral-reef setting. Kids can dive into the ocean of Pandora with this beautiful LEGO Avatar underwater set. The Na’vi kuru connects with the ilu to a Na'vi minifigure for kids to role-play gliding and soaring over the colourful coral reefs of the Pandoran seabed. This LEGO Avatar building toy set includes an easy-to-follow pictorial building guide and the LEGO Builder app – a digital building companion with intuitive zoom and rotate tools that enable users to visualise models from all angles as they build.

LEGO Avatar construction sets come with iconic vehicles, machines, animals, creatures and characters in alien nature-themed settings. They are perfect for imaginative play and make fantastic kids room decoration pieces. This collectible set makes a great birthday gift idea for kids and Avatar: The Way of Water fans aged 8 plus years old.

The ilu (without display base) measures over 1.5 in. (4 cm) high, 5 in. (12 cm) wide and 8 in. (21 cm) deep

Contains 179 Pieces.

  • This LEGO Avatar building toy features a posable Ilu animal-like figure with patterned wings, a coral-reef setting and 2 LEGO minifigures
  • The Pandora Ilu animal-like figure features a saddle on its back, large wings and can connect to one of the Na'vi minifigures using the Na’vi kuru
  • Includes Tsireya and Tuk LEGO Avatar minifigures, an underwater toy spear and 2 toy alien fish - perfect for kids to go on exciting adventures
  • Kids can enjoy imaginative play or pose the characters using the coral setting's display stand to create a stunning kids room decoration piece
  • Fans of Avatar and the Avatar: The Way of Water movie can collect all LEGO Avatar sets to create a unique version of the moon of Pandora