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Maizie Dlux Australian Shepherd

Maizie Dlux Australian Shepherd

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Brand: Douglas Cuddle Toy
Item # 2412
SKU: 2340
Age: 3+
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There's a new dog on the ranch! Maizie the Australian Shepherd from Douglas premium Dlux collection stuffed animal is here and won't let a single sheep out of line!

After working hard all day, Maizie's ready to play and cuddle with the same boundless energy! Her eye-catching, merle patterned coat is ultra soft and crafted in only the very highest quality faux fur materials. Douglas has weighted her white-tipped paws for a floppy feel that will encourage cuddling. A soft, leatherette nose, detailed jowls, and bright, amber colored eyes bring an extra level of realism to this beautiful plush herding dog. Let Douglas' lively Aussie leap into your heart, whether its time to work or play, Maizie will always be there for you!