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Nerf Spiral Grip Junior Football

Brand: Franklin Sports
SKU: 104770
Age: 5+
Play at your highest level with the NERF Spiral Grip football! This football features a hand stitched textured surface that gives this football a premium look and feel. The patented integrated SPACELACE® enables any player to throw the ultimate spirals and catch like a pro. Practice passes and catches with a ball that can hold up to any weather, rain or shine!

PATENTED SPACELACE: The integrated spacelace gives this mini football an authentic look and feel while delivering the ultimate performance!
UNIQUE MACHINE STITCHED TEXTURE: This football has a unique embossed texture allowing players of all ages to catch like the pros!
THROW INSANE SPIRALS: The Butyl Bladder provides the ultimate spin technology to throw straight into the end zone!
COMPLETE SET: With the included pump you have everything you need to get onto the field.