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LGA Paper Marbling Colorful

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Brand: Djeco
SKU: 103956
Age: 7+

Create paper marbling with colored inks. Children complete the animals in the 4 paintings with stickers that they have painted/created themselves. They pour the ink drop by drop and then mix it around - the colors intertwine without blurring or blending together. They then place their stickers on the surface of the water to transfer the patterns to the paper. The patterns created are transferred onto paper as if by magic!
An introduction to a unique printing technique. 6 different inks for inventing a multitude of patterns. Small, handy bottles that allow you to apply the ink drop by drop. 1 storage box with an elastic fastening for keeping equipment in. detailed step-by-step instruction booklet.
Contents: 4 illustrated tables (21 x 28 cm), 44 stickers , 1 plastic container, 5 bottles of colored inks (green, orange, black, blue, brown) + 1 transparent, 4 sachets of powder for preparing the wash, 6 sticks, 1 color step-by-step booklet.

Measurements: 11.7 x 9.1 x 1.6
Recommended for ages 7 - 12 years