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Talking ATM Machine - Silver

Brand: Thin Air Brands
SKU: 5445
Age: 5+

As Ben Franklin said, "a Penny saved is a Penny earned". teach kids about money while they have fun at the same time. This large talking ATM machine works with real U.S. Money (bills and coins). insert the special debit card key and the bank comes to life as it talks and counts. Make a deposit, make a withdrawal, the ATM always knows your account balance. The large LCD screen shows deposit amounts and adds them to your balance. Or, the screen shows your withdrawal amount and subtracts it from the total to give you a new balance. It talks, it counts, it always knows your account balance. Roll bills into the feeder with the twist knob. Includes special debit card key. Includes a combination lock Vault door to keep your savings safe and sound. Kids learn the value of a dollar and "money Cents". suggested for ages 5 + but Useful for kids (and adults) of all ages. This is from the original and official Ben Franklin brand.