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Toofeze Natural Sky Blue Baby Teether

Brand: Toofeze
SKU: 3154
Age: 3m+

Created by a local grandmother who saw how much her teething grandchild wanted to put something cold and metal into her mouth, this baby toy is a contrast to Sophie. We have seen babies go from fussy to content when given a Toofeze, and we know that Toofeze is sometimes exactly what baby wants!

We have known the inventor of Toofeze from back when this toy was just an idea. Now Toofeze has earned many industry awards and is sold across the country. Seeing this toy become a reality has been exciting. We are delighted to offer Toofease at Timbuk Toys and to support this local entrepreneur!
Toofeze® is recommended for babies ages 3+ months
2011 NAPPA Gold Award Winner