Timbuk Toys Gift Certificates

Timbuk Toys Gift Certificates are old-fashioned printed gift certificates that a child can bring into our stores and “spend!” Our Gift certificates are physical certificates that are designed to be redeemed in person at our stores. They are filled out with the recipient’s name and presented in a colorful envelope. 

You can purchase gift certificates in person at our stores, or call us to order by phone. Due to technical limitations, gift certificates cannot be purchased or redeemed through our website.

Gift certificates can be held at the Timbuk Toys store where the recipient shops. To avoid the risk of gift certificates getting lost in the mail, we do not mail gift certificates. Upon request, we can call or email the recipient to let them know there is a gift certificate waiting for them at the specified Timbuk Toys store. 

Gift Certificates never expire, and always bring delight! Gift the gift of choice, and the recipient will have the fun of coming in to shop at Timbuk Toys!