Timbuk Toys Phone Orders

Call any of our Timbuk Toys stores and talk to a REAL person!  Our staff members can tell you about our toys, set aside your purchase requests while you are on the phone, and verify that we have stock of your favorite items.  We’re here to help make your shopping fun and easy!

Store Phone Numbers:

University Hills Plaza, 2526 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver        303-756-2522

Lowry Town Center, 200 Quebec Street, Denver                 303-366-1755

Aspen Grove Center, 7301 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton      303-346-3030


We can have your purchases ready for pick-up when you arrive, including gift wrapping.  It’s a speedy way to shop when you know what you want and you’re in a hurry!

Payment at time of pickup is requested for phone orders.  We will have your receipt all prepared so your payment can be quickly processed when you arrive.

To pre-pay for in-store pickup, please order through our website.  This is the most secure and efficient way to process a payment without having your credit card present for the transaction.

Processing a payment to a credit card over the phone requires many steps, and we have to ask for a lot of personal information.  We can do this, but we recognize that it may seem intrusive. To process a credit card payment by phone, we will check to see if you are a regular customer of ours with a registered Star Account and history of purchases.  We will need to document your name and address as it appears on your credit card account and get the full card number and security code.  We also ask for your Driver’s License number or State Issued ID.  We will take down your phone number where we can reach you to verify the transaction and an email address where we can send the receipt.  Before we complete the transaction and release the products for pickup, we are required to verify all of this information.  These security measures are required due to the massive increase in credit card fraud that impacts retail and all commerce.  While these precautions might be inconvenient, they do reduce theft and help to protect those whose credit card information has been stolen.  Even so, we are sorry for this inconvenience!