Timbuk Toys Gift Wrapping

Our Gift Wrapping fee is $1.00 per wrapped gift.  Small items can be wrapped with larger items to make one wrapped present. We use colorful gift wrapping papers, tied with bright curling ribbon, and include a gift card on each present.

Our stores are equipped with large gift wrapping tables so your gifts can be wrapped at time of purchase.  We offer at least six different wrapping paper designs to choose from, and curling ribbon in every color of the rainbow!  Gift cards are complimentary with all wrapped gifts.

When purchasing online, add gift wrapping to your order from the Cart Page.  Gift paper choices include Birthday, Baby, General Celebration, Christmas and Hanukkah. Most items over $10.00 should be wrapped as a single gift.  Include the quantity of wrapped gifts that seems appropriate for your order. Smaller items can be wrapped together or included in the wrapping with larger items.  We will contact you if the number of wrapped gifts needs to be adjusted on your order.  For gifts that are shipped, the ribbon may need to be “fluffed” when gifts are unpacked after shipping.

Package Toppers: Add a little whimsy to your wrapped package by selecting a package topper!  We recommend our locally made lollipops from Hammonds Candies.  But many of our smaller items can be tied into the ribbon as a topper for your gift.

If you have additional wrapping instructions, please email Customer Service and include your order number so we can wrap your gifts according to your specifications.