Hot Wheels Derby


First Prize is $50 in Timbuk Bucks!

Saturday, November 4th

Car Rally 11:00-12:00

Derby begins at NOON

In front of Timbuk Toys in the University Hills Plaza Mall

(We’ll move inside if it’s too cold).

Warm up your car before the Derby on various courses we’ll have set up, or create your own! We’ll have 1,000 feet of track, and plenty of opportunities to play!

Come in costume and get a trick-or-treat goodie bag from Timbuk Toys!

(While suplies last)

Whether you only race a few times, or make it all the way to the winner’s circle, it's a thrill! The six lane race course will be set up at 11:00 am. The course is made of vintage (1968-9) tracks. It will be straight downhill, with no curves, loops or jumps before the electronic finish line.

Each driver may choose a new Hot Wheels® car from Timbuk Toys. This is yours to keep.

You may use this car for the Derby, or bring one from home.

You may only use one car in the Derby.

Cars from home

  • Car must be a standard Hot Wheels® brand.
  • Car must not have any modifications

​Each race must be “clean.” A race will be disqualified, and restarted if:

  • Any car leaves the track for any reason.
  • Not all cars leave the starting gate at the same time.
  • Any other reason Timbuk Toys Judges decide the race was unfair.

More Details:

  • Reserve your spot! There are only 24 spaces! Sign up in the store or call 303-756-2522.
      • Check in No Later than 11:45 am. After that, your spot may be taken by another driver.
      • Each driver and car will be assigned a numbered, identification sticker.
      • Each car will have at least three chances to win a race.
      • Cars will be randomly grouped in sixes to race each other.
      • Three of those cars will move on to the next round.
      • The other three will be eliminated from the Derby.
      • Rounds will continue until the three fastest cars are determined.
  • First Place wins $50 Timbuk Bucks to spend in our stores
  • Second and Third Place will each be awarded $25 Timbuk Bucks.