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Extreme Dot to Dot: National Parks

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Brand: Mindware
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Age: 8+
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What amazing national park will you reveal as you connect the dots? These puzzles are designed to challenge; combining counting, art and fun as you uncover pictures made of 300 to 1,400 dots! It’s a relaxing and engaging activity book for kids and adults. Color in each picture when you’re finished – from the volcanos of Haleakala National Park to the black bears of Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Then check the solutions at the back the book for fun facts about each scene. Did you know that the fish in Mammoth Cave National Park have no eyes?

Stunning and decompressing dot-to-dot art activities with up to 1,400 dots!• Great for kids and adults• Develops concentration, counting and mapping, creativity and self-expression• Excellent quiet-time activity• Color in when finished; learn fun facts about each picture in the back of each book

Includes 32 full-page dot-to-dot puzzles, including 8 double-page spreads