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NEW! 4Fun Ultimate Kickball Kit
NEW! 4Fun Ultimate Kickball Kit
NEW! 4Fun Ultimate Kickball Kit
NEW! 4Fun Ultimate Kickball Kit
NEW! 4Fun Ultimate Kickball Kit

4Fun Ultimate Kickball Kit

Brand: Bolder Play
Item # fun.032
SKU: 3518
Age: 4+
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The 4Fun Ultimate Kickball Kit is perfect for outdoor fun! With its high-quality, durable kickball, it's sure to provide hours of entertainment. Get the family together for an exciting game of kickball in the park!

Kickball Kit Features

  • This classic game is made for families of all sizes and ages to have a blast together while staying active
  • Set up all four bases in the backyard and cheer each other on when you compete with your friends in the neighborhood or other families
  • The included storage bag makes it easier than ever to take this family game with you wherever you're headed for a day of family fun outside
  • Includes:
    • Regulation size inflatable with hand pump
    • Four (4) bases: 3 square bases and 1 home plate
    • Drawstring lightweight storage bag
  • For ages 3+

Product Description

This family game will turn into an afternoon of making memories when this classic and easy game is set up in the backyard, or taken to the park for an all-day kickball tournament with neighborhood friends!

How to play kickball:

  • Set up the four bases shaped like a diamond
  • The pitcher should stand in the center of all four bases
  • The game begins when the first kicker stands behind the home plate and the pitcher rolls the ball to them
  • Once the kicker has successfully kicked the ball into the field, the kicker runs to as many bases they can get to without the ball touching them
  • The team on the field can get any kicker out by either catching the ball before it hits the ground, or by tagging them with the ball while they're running to a base
  • If the team on the field is unable to get a player out before they make it around all four bases, the kicking team earns a point
  • Choose the number of innings you want your game to include

All six pieces included in the kit store easily in the included drawstring mesh bag, which can easily go with you to backyard gatherings, the park, beach, or even camping!

Specs + Material

  • Set includes:
    • Regulation size 10” inflatable red ball
      • ball pump for inflation included
    • Four bases:
      • Three (3) square 12” x 12” bases
      • One (1) home plate, 12” x 14”
    • One (1) mesh, drawstring bag for storage
  • Ages 3+