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Micro Kickboard Maxi Foldable LED Scooter - Petrol Green

Brand: Micro Kickboard
Item # mmd097
SKU: 107480
Age: 5+
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Maxi Foldable LED scooter is ready for scooting anywhere! Fold and pack for a road trip (hooray for extra trunk space!), or scoot to school and store in your child’s locker. The possibilities are endless!

Added bonus: motion-activated light-up wheels make for even a brighter ride. (No batteries required).

Super portable and fun to ride, you’ll love watching your child grow with this upgraded Maxi, designed for children ages 5-12 (up to 110 lbs).
Loved for its super smooth glide, the Maxi's 3-wheel kickboard-style ride feels a little like being on a skateboard, but with more control!
The easy-to-use folding collar allows you to quickly & simply fold your scooter and carry by the T-bar.
All parts are replaceable so you never throw it away - plan to pass it on to a sibling, cousin or friend when your young one is done!