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Night Ops Glasses
Night Ops Glasses

Night Ops Glasses

Brand: Mukikim
Item # 10533
SKU: 105635
Age: 6+
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These LED spy glasses are not only functional but also stylish that appeals to young agents! The high-tech toy glasses feature 2 LED lights that can see up to 15 feet in the dark and send silent messages, allowing kids to immerse themselves in their spy role-playing games and be part of a top-secret operation!
DUAL LED LIGHT: The night vision glasses feature two LED lights; white LED spotlight and 3-Color LED light. They feature impact-resistant clear lenses that ensure protection during outdoor adventures and spy missions. Additionally, the lenses are etched with captivating mission graphics, further immersing kids in the spy-themed experience!
NAVIGATE DARK AREAS WITH WHITE LED: The built-in white LED spotlight serves as a valuable tool for covert operations in the dark. This feature enables little spy kids to navigate and gather intelligence in the dark. The spotlight adds an element of intrigue to spy missions, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
SEND URGENT MESSAGES WITH COLORED LEDS: This spy glasses involve three different color lights: Yellow, Red, and Green, which offer a unique communication feature that allows young agents to send silent urgent messages to their team members. Each color can corresponds to a specific signal or message; "Take cover", "Enemy in sight", and "Mission success" for instance!
INTERACTIVE FEATURES FOR EXCITING KID SPY MISSION: This nighttime adventure toy is particularly useful for nighttime reconnaissance and stealthy missions. The spy toy gadget encourages strategic play, teamwork, and coordination as agents work together to achieve their spy objectives!
Ages 6+