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Playzone-fit Cloud Swing | PLZ.652 | Playzone | Bolder Play
Playzone-fit Cloud Swing
Playzone-fit Cloud Swing
Playzone-fit Cloud Swing
Playzone-fit Cloud Swing

Playzone-fit Cloud Swing

Brand: Bolder Play
Item # plz.652
SKU: 6455
Age: 3+
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Enjoy the soothing sensation of a swing without taking up a lot of space with the Playzone-fit Cloud Swing. This inflatable swing offers the perfect spot to relax, suspend your worries, and just drift away.

Cloud Swing Features

  • 25” inflatable swing that is so soft and light, kids will feel like they're floating on a cloud
  • Hanging strep height can be adjusted up to 6 feet long
  • Colorful and comfortable fabric cover includes boxed stitching for ensured safety
    • Center of the swing's seat is mesh for extra softness
  • Swing can be used for indoor and outdoor active play
    • Hang indoors using ceiling hardware
    • Hang outdoors from a swing set or using a tree hanger
  • Air pump is included for quick inflation
  • Max weight: 200 pounds
  • Ages 3+

More Info

Playzone-fit's Cloud Swing is so light and comfortable, kids will feel like they're floating on a real cloud! The soft and lightweight nature of the inflatable swing allows kids to keep their active play indoors without harming any walls or furniture (or siblings!) while swinging. On a beautiful day, kids can also take the swing outside to take in some fresh air and sunshine.

The Cloud Swing can be used indoors by attaching it to ceiling hardware using the included carabiners. To hang outdoors, use one or two tree hangers with a branch under their favorite tree.

When inflated, the 25” inner tube is inserted into the polyester fabric cover and zipped in for extra security. The hanging straps attach to the fabric cover using double box stitching to avoid any tearing or separation over time.

Specs + Materials

  • Includes:
    • Polyester fabric cover for inflatable tube with mesh center, and adjustable height hanging straps
    • 25” inflatable insert
    • Hand air pump for inflation
    • Two (2) carabiners
  • Inflatable tube insert is zipped in for security
  • Hanging straps connect to cover with double box stitches
  • Can be hung indoors using ceiling hanging hardware, or outdoors using tree hangers or a swing set
  • Max weight: 200 pounds
  • For ages 3+