Shipping from Timbuk Toys

Shipping Services:

We ship by UPS to addresses in the United States.  Packaged are picked up Monday through Friday.  The purchaser will receive an email with tracking information when the package has been shipped. If there are every any issues with an order, we immediately get in touch with our customers. 

Important note - The checkout process will show an estimated delivery date. The date shown does not include shipping delays from weather and other factors. Please bear this in mind if you need your order by a specific date. Delivery by a specific date is not guaranteed. 


We try to be as “green” as possible and minimize waste.  We believe the best way to be ecologically responsible is to reuse the materials we already have.  We re-purpose the boxes we get from our wholesale shipments, and re-use the packing materials.  When we can’t find a box that is the perfect size, we cut down a larger box.  It’s a hand-made approach that might not always look perfect on the outside, but it is always built to protect the goods on the inside!


Shipping Fees:

Shipping charges for your online order will be calculated and displayed at checkout.  In-store shipping charges are based on careful estimates of what it will cost to ship your goods relative to distance and size of the package.