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Origami 3D – Butterfly | alexander | 2345

Origami 3D – Butterfly

Brand: Alexander
Item # 2345
SKU: 106817
Age: 8+
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Create a beautiful and fun butterfly sculpture with Origami 3D! This easy-to-use craft kit comes with everything you need to fold and sculpt paper into a stunning 3D figure. Perfect for children and adults alike to unleash their creativity and create unique art pieces.

 A real feast for lovers of creative toys. Origami 3D are unique sets that will allow you to create the most beautiful 3D paper sculptures you have ever seen. All this thanks to patented modules, very detailed instructions and step-by-step instructional videos showing how to assemble the selected model. The set includes ready-made cut shapes, with a clearly marked bend line, even suggesting the direction in which we should do it. In three simple movements, we can make a basic module that will be used to create a masterpiece. All modules are assembled identically and then joined together without the use of glue to form a figurine.