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Aphmau™ MeeMeows Mystery 6 Inch Plush – Series 4
Aphmau™ MeeMeows Mystery 6 Inch Plush – Series 4
Aphmau™ MeeMeows Mystery 6 Inch Plush – Series 4
Aphmau™ MeeMeows Mystery 6 Inch Plush – Series 4

Aphmau™ MeeMeows Mystery 6 Inch Plush – Series 4 (blind assortment)

Brand: License 2 Play
Item # 6024-18
SKU: 105802
Age: 3+
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Discover the fascinating universe of Aphmau and her adorable MeeMeow plushies with the Aphmau™ MeeMeows Mystery 6-Inch Plush - Series 4. This collection includes eight plushies with a celestial theme, each packaged in a mystery box for a surprise element.

These plushies are incredibly soft and cuddly, making them ideal for collectors, gamers, and cat enthusiasts. To fully immerse yourself in this magical world, visit the official Aphmau YouTube channel.

  • OFFICIAL APHMAU MERCH: Check out Aphmau's official MeeMeow stuffed animals - perfect for fans and collectors!
  • ALL NEW COLLECTION: Experience the magic of Aphmau's Litter 4 blind box release, featuring celestial-themed MeeMeow plushies. Join the #1 female-led YouTube gamer's universe and get starry-eyed!
  • CELESTIAL THEME: Litter 4 unveils a captivating assortment of the cutest celestial-themed plushies. Explore the mystical world of the Moon Cat, Sun Cat, Galaxy Cat, Ruby Cat, Sapphire Cat, Emerald Cat, Diamond Cat, and Rainbow Cat.
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Unravel the surprises that await you! Inside each mystery box, you'll uncover one of the eight enchanting Celestial-themed Aphmau MeeMeow plush toys. Make it your mission to collect all eight and complete your celestial crew! Don't forget to admire the collector poster inside each mystery box.
  • SOFT AND HUGGABLE: Embrace the snuggly companionship of these cute cat plushies. Crafted with the softest materials, featuring a squishy body, and adorned with their signature happy faces and big adorable eyes, these MeeMeow plushies are perfect cuddle buddies for all ages.
  • EXCITING UNBOXING SURPRISE: Indulge in the thrill of unboxing with MeeMeows' mystery boxes and add a celestial feline to your collection. Embrace the excitement of unveiling the mystery.

About Aphmau

Aphmau™ is a leading gaming channel on YouTube, with over 16.6 million subscribers and 13.8 billion lifetime views. What sets Aphmau apart is that it is the #1 female-led gaming channel on YouTube. With gaming becoming increasingly mainstream, it's worth noting that 48% of gamers are female. Aphmau has established a loyal fanbase through engaging content and focusing on positivity, inclusivity, and creativity in gaming.