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Arcade Basketball
Arcade Basketball
Arcade Basketball
Arcade Basketball
Arcade Basketball

Arcade Basketball

Brand: Epoch
Item # p25147
SKU: 103379
Age: 6+
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Challenge your friend, your sibling or even your parent to a 60 second shootout! You both have 1 minute to score as many points as possible to win. The last 15 seconds is the speed round where each basket is now worth 3 points. Hit the reset button on the scoreboard and the game will begin.

You get a 3 second countdown then the challenge begins. Use the launcher to shoot the basketballs into the hoop. Balls will automatically roll down the court to you after they are shot. The game is over when time runs out and the highest score wins.

This is a fast paced exciting game that is great for the entire family. It combines skill and hand-eye coordination to aim and launch the basketballs into the hoops.

Package Contents

  • Basketball base
  • LED display
  • 4 fence barriers
  • 2 basketball launchers
  • 6 basketballs
  • 2 court floors
  • 2 nets
  • 2 backboardsm sticker sheets
  • Instructions

Requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included). Recommended for adults and children ages 6 and above. For 2 players.