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The Ballerina Wax Crayons

Brand: Djeco
Item # dj09381
SKU: 103943
Age: 8+
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An oil pastel activity with illustrations inspired by the style of the great impressionist master, Edgar Degas. Children gradually add colors, layering them to create shadows and light in the folds of the fabrics. The dancers come to life.
Pencils that can be used like oil pastels. Highly pigmented, intensely-colored wax pastel pencils. Recommended for ages 8 to 99 years old

1 detailed step-by-step instruction booklet. FSC certified paper and card.
Contents: 8 illustrated cards (20 x 20 cm - 4 designs x 2), 12 wax pastel pencils, 1 color step-by-step instruction booklet.