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Anna Ballet Tutu Dress (Size 5-6) | Great Pretenders | 34695
Anna Ballet Tutu Dress (Size 5-6)

Anna Ballet Tutu Dress (Size 5-6)

Brand: Great Pretenders
Item # 34695
SKU: 107213
Age: 5+
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Step into the magical world of frosty adventures with Great Pretender's Anna-inspired Tutu Dress! This delightful ensemble captures the spirit of Princess Anna with its black top adorned with her classic floral detailing, creating an enchanting look that will warm any little heart.

The vibrant pink and blue layers of tulle in the skirt add a playful and whimsical touch, inviting twirls and spins fit for a princess in her own fairy tale. Practicality meets charm with the convenient snap closure at the crotch, ensuring easy dressing and undressing for your little one's royal escapades.

Let your child's imagination come to life as they embark on their own magical journey in this Frozen-inspired tutu dress. With its delightful colors and princess-worthy design, this dress is more than an outfit—it's an invitation to a world of dreams and enchantment. Let the royal adventures begin!