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Bright Writers Colored Ink Retractable Ballpoint Pens - Set of 6

Brand: Ooly
Item # 132-154
SKU: 106620
Age: 6+
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Liven up your everyday world with this set of colored ballpoint pens. Six colored pens are included in the set, and each one has a handy retractable feature, making them perfect for school, work, home, or the office. These ballpoint pens have a 1.0mm nib and boast vibrant colored inks like a rich red, a grassy green, and a pretty pink. Bring some eye-catching life to your homework, journal writing, or grocery list with this sweet set of pens!

Bright Writers retractable ballpoint pens
6 colored ink pens are included in the set
Colors include pink, red, blue, green, orange, purple
Designed with a 1.00mm nib
Suitable for ages 6 and up