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Buildeez!™ Monster Shark - Chomper | 6458000 | creativity for kids

Buildeez!™ Monster Shark - Chomper

Brand: Creativity For Kids
Item # 6458000
SKU: 107098
Age: 5+
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Buildeez! Not your ordinary wooden model kits! Build, customize, display and play! Our take on this classic activity means more creativity and more fun in every box! These fun craft and play model building kits introduce STEAM learning. Experts recognize that STEAM activities: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math can help kids learn while balancing education with play.

With this 4-piece miniature build, kids will construct, paint, sticker and play with Chomper the Monster Shark! Featuring bright purple non-toxic paint, accent stickers and more.

Designed to encourage young minds, this step-by-step building set encourages curiosity, skill development, and problem-solving. From construction to finish, kids partake in play-based learning, boosting their creative confidence and self-esteem.

Save the box! The back of the package features a pop-out display mat.

Chomper the Monster Shark measures 5.125˝ L x 3.25 W x 4˝ H.

Collect all 4 model kits: Blaze the Race Car, Chomper the Monster Shark, Ace the Jet Plane and The Sea Skull Pirate Ship.

Ages: 5+

Contents Include: 4 Wooden model pieces, 1 Wooden chomped boat, Assorted stickers, 1 Paintbrush, 1 Sponge, 1 Craft glue tube, 1 Acrylic paint tube Purple 0.16 fl. oz, Display mat on packaging and Instructions