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Bumpas Shloof | 15681

Bumpas Shloof

Brand: Bumpas
Item # 15681
SKU: 105547
Age: 3+
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The Bumpas Shloof provides a calming embrace for your child with its weighted plush design. Perfect for hugs and relaxation, this playful product is sure to become a favorite for both parent and child. Why settle for ordinary blankets when you can have the Bumpas Shloof?

• Shloof has 3 punds distributed weight to deliver deep pressure stimulation which helps promote a sense of security, reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep quality and create a calming effect.

• Shloof's weighted arms are perfectly sized to give realistic hugs and hold on to you − hands free.

• Shloof's hands form a heart to display my unconditional love for you.

• Eyes in the back of Shloof's head keep watch and protect you.

• Shloof's soft exterior is soothing and calming.