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Tikiri Scrunchies Butterfly with Crinkle | Tikiri | 93203

Tikiri Scrunchies Butterfly with Crinkle

Brand: Tikiri
Item # 93203
SKU: 104517
Age: 0m+
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Crinkle, crackle, crunch – so much joy! Tikiri Scrunchies' crinkle toys offer a stimulating sensory experience to keep babies engaged and amused, enhanced by the butterfly's vibrant colors and shape. Parents can soothe their fussy or wriggly baby with this toy, which also stimulates their motor skills, coordination, and concentration.

• Pastel pink butterfly with wonderfully embroidered details.
• Crinkle Paper filling creates a great sensory and developmental experience for babies, promoting motor skills, coordination, focus and stimulating brain activity.
• Easy for little fingers to grip and maneuver.
• Great for keeping babies entertained and engaged.
• Please refer packaging for further care and safety instructions.