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Critter House Shape Sorter | Hape | E0515
Critter House Shape Sorter
Critter House Shape Sorter

Critter House Shape Sorter

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Brand: Hape
Item # e0515
SKU: 106783
Age: 2+
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Welcome to Hape's charming Critter House Shape Sorter. As you match the adorable animal and character blocks to their corresponding openings, a magical journey of shapes and imagination awaits you.


  • LEARNING ABOUT SHAPES: Children learn to identify and differentiate various shapes, enhancing their early geometry skills.
  • HELPS DEVELOPING BRAINS: Shape sorting helps stimulate cognitive growth, logical thinking, and spatial awareness. Plus precise placement of shapes support the development of hand-eye coordination.
  • 2-in-1 PLAY MODE: With this toy children can use it as a shape sorting toy or as a 'dolls house' where animal characters can live and play inside the house.
  • PLENTY OF PIECES: This set includes one house, four geometric blocks and four animal-shaped blocks.