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Mega Cyborg Hydro Blaster | Thames & Kosmos | 620503
Mega Cyborg Hydro Blaster
Mega Cyborg Hydro Blaster
Mega Cyborg Hydro Blaster
Mega Cyborg Hydro Blaster

Mega Cyborg Hydro Blaster

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Brand: Thames & Kosmos
Item # 620503
SKU: 107683
Age: 8+
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Explore hydraulics, mechanics, and robotics with a buildable, handheld water blaster and claw! Using over 180 plastic pieces, assemble this awesome device which shoots a stream of water and grabs onto targets with its huge gripper — no motors or electricity required!

Once assembled, wear the cyborg blaster on your own hand. Press one trigger to shoot a stream of water from the blaster nozzle using a hydraulic piston. Press another trigger to activate the claw mechanism. The claw transforms into many different shapes — in addition to the gripper claw, it can take on a shield, sword, crossbow, and boomerang shape.

A 40-page, full-color manual guides model building and experimentation and provides engaging scientific information about how the different mechanisms in the device work.

This revolutionary device transforms into five different shapes while offering a hands-on STEM learning experience. Ergonomically designed to fit into the hands of kids and adults alike, this massive blaster can lead everyone on an immersive journey to the scientific cyborg world.

Auto-transforming: Shield to gripper mode

Unlocking 5 different transformations is easier than you can imagine. Face different opponents head-on, you can switch blaster styles within seconds. The power of versatility is in your hands. Let the epic water battles begin!

Press to grip:

With a simple press of a button, you can effortlessly grab anything you want, while it still shoots out powerful water jets. Your blaster will instantly become the coolest one among your friends, making you the envy of every water battle!

  • 20 feet maximum water-shooting distance
  • Holds 160 ml (about 5 ounces) of water
  • Accommodates both left- and right-handed users
  • From the makers of Mega Cyborg Hand — wear one on each hand!
  • Extension of best-selling Mega Cyborg Hand play-pattern
  • Build an awesome-looking, wearable mechanical claw that shoots streams of water
  • Configures in multiple ways: shield, gripper, sword, crossbow, and boomerang
  • Build from over 180 parts
  • Learn scientific lessons in air pressure, nozzles, hydraulics, and mechanisms like gears, levers, and linkages