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Classic Child's Electric Guitar | ceg | schylling
Classic Child's Electric Guitar

Classic Child's Electric Guitar

Brand: Schylling
Item # ceg
SKU: 100499
Age: 5+
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This Classic Child's Electric Guitar is perfect for young musicians looking to rock out! With its sleek design and easy-to-use features, it's a great first instrument for kids. Let their creativity and love for music grow with this electric guitar.

The realistic design makes this Classic Electric Guitar ideal for any future rockstar. The guitar body has realistic-metal strings, a shoulder strap, and a vintage-inspired nameplate, completing your rock and roll image. Schylling’s Classic Electric Guitar is tricked out with a guitar rhythm track and multiple guitar solos sounds that change when you press any two of the real steel strings. This battery-powered electric guitar is sure to please the crowd!
Requires 3 AA batteries, included