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LEGO® City: Fire Station and Fire Truck
LEGO® City: Fire Station and Fire Truck
LEGO® City: Fire Station and Fire Truck
LEGO® City: Fire Station and Fire Truck
LEGO® City: Fire Station and Fire Truck

LEGO® City 60375 Fire Station and Fire Truck

Brand: LEGO®
Item # 60375
SKU: 103254
Age: 4+
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The LEGO 4+ set features a toy fire station with sleeping quarters, a garage and a fun emergency slide. Kids also get a cool fire engine toy with a flexible hose and roof ladder, a popcorn cart, LEGO flames, plus vendor and LEGO firefighter minifigures for hours of action-packed play. The LEGO City firefighters are taking a well-earned nap at the fire station, when suddenly the alarm sounds. Yikes – a popcorn vendor’s cart is in flames! Kids need to check the overview monitor to find the location, grab the firefighter minifigures with their fire helmets and take the slide down to the fire engine… WHEE! Then jump aboard and race to the scene to save the day… and the popcorn!

This easy-build LEGO 4+ set comes with a LEGO Starter Brick element, pictorial instructions and the LEGO Builder app – a digital mentor with intuitive zoom and rotate tools that enable kids to visualise the finished model from all angles as they build. LEGO City learning toys for 4 plus year olds come with feature-rich buildings, realistic emergency vehicle toys and fun characters that stimulate open-ended, imaginative play. Kids learn about the world around them through stories and scenarios that depict real life in a fun and exciting way.

LEGO Fire Station measures over 8.5 in. (22 cm) high, 7 in. (18 cm) wide and 7 in. (19 cm) deep

Contains 153 Pieces.

  • LEGO City 4+ set featuring Fire Station and Fire truck toys with flexible hose and raiseable ladder, plus awesome minifigures and accessories
  • This fire station playset features sleeping quarters, garage and emergency slide for kids to slide the 2 LEGO firefighter minifigures into action
  • The popcorn stand outside has gone up in flames! Kids need to place a firefighter minifigure into the toy fire engine and rush to the rescue
  • This learning toy for 4 plus years includes a starter brick, picture instructions and access to the free LEGO Builder app with interactive tools
  • This Fire station with truck toy playset will make an epic birthday or any-occasion gift for kids aged 4 plus who love emergency vehicle toys