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FZ-1™ Fidget Spinner | Duncan | 3320FS

FZ-1™ Fidget Spinner (assorted)

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Brand: Duncan Toy Co
Item # 3320fs
SKU: 6661
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Why stress when you can spin your worries away with the FZ-1™ Fidget Spinner? With its durable build and sleek design, the FZ-1 is the ultimate stress-relieving tool. Perfect for both kids and adults, this Duncan fidget spinner will keep you entertained and focused throughout the day.

Duncan® FZ-1™ Fidget Spinners feature the very best in weight, distribution, size, and performance to take the guesswork out of what features to buy. Weighing over 50 grams, the perfectly sized 3" diameter, high performance FZ-1 generates a long, smooth spin.