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Geno Husky

Geno Husky

Brand: Douglas Cuddle Toy
SKU: 2329
Age: 3+

When the north winds blow and the ground is covered with a thick, white blanket of snow, call on Geno the Husky from the Douglas' premium DLux collection to get you through!

Douglas has selected the finest materials to create this young Husky dog's soft, fluffy coat. Realistic gray and white patterning and a handsome plume of long fur at his tail capture the classic look of the breed. Geno's upright ears are edged with gray airbrushing and his floppy paws have been weighted with beans for an extra cuddly feel.

One look into the ice blue eyes of Douglas' spirited DLux Husky stuffed animal and you'll know there's not a blizzard big enough to deter this intrepid arctic traveler from his goals!