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Geopuzzle Europe — Educational 58 Piece Geography Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Geo Puzzles
Item # 101
SKU: 9685
Age: 4+
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GeoPuzzles make learning geography fun! Give the gift of understanding our complex world. GeoPuzzle Europe has 58 pieces shaped like countries and groups of countries. Children learn the name and shape of a country, and they also learn its location on a map. 

Jumbo-sized at 19 x 16 inches, this jigsaw puzzle is great on large tables in classrooms and used as a floor puzzle at home or in school. Made in the U.S.A. from recycled materials to boost sustainability in kids toys. 

Introduce kids to world geography. These jigsaw puzzles are great toys for kids ages 4 and up. Designed by an art professor, with brightly colored pieces, get an up-to-date puzzle that kids will want to do again and again.