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Glo Pals Red

Brand: Glo Pals
SKU: 7084
Glo Pals are liquid-activated, meaning they only work when water is in the bath tub. Draw a bath, drop the pals in, and watch them light up! Children are enticed to stay in the tub since the glo pals only work when wet. when it's time to get out, simply drain the tub. The pals turn off automatically, signaling to your child that bath time is over. 
Each pal has a face and a different personality, and when placed in liquid, the faces will project onto the surroundings of the tub, making for fun interactions! 
Four Glo Pals with safety instructions.
Each Glo Pal senses liquid and turns on and off automatically.
Eight hours of battery life, each Glo Pal should last for weeks.
Hours of fun for children ages 3 and up.