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Hexbug Nano Newton Series
Hexbug Nano Newton Series | 6068951 | Hex Bug.jpg

Hexbug Nano Newton Series - Assorted

Brand: Hexbug
SKU: 105124
Age: 8+
Eeek! It's a bug! What prankster let this HEXBUG nano in here? Discover creepy crawly fun with this tiny, collectible, micro robotic creature. Its movement looks realistic as it uses the physics of vibration to propel forward and explore its environment. Powered by a tiny motor and 12 little legs, nano can move through the most complex mazes. When it flips upside down it can even flip itself upright, and can change direction when it encounters obstacles. Comes in assorted colors, a random color will be chosen for you. Requires 1 AG13 battery, included.

From Spin Master, for ages 3+ yrs.