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Loopy Looper Flow

Loopy Looper Marble Spinner

Brand: Blue Orange Games
Item # 09105
SKU: 2553
Age: 8+
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Loopy Looper - Edge
The Edge fidget spinner uses centrifugal force to stay inside the Loopy track. It features a soft shell marble with a metal core, so it spins quietly after launching with a flick of your wrist. 'Edge' requires maintaining the right speed to keep the marble sticking to the rail. Find the rhythm for gravity-defying fun.

Loopy Looper - Jump
'Jump' requires skillful spinning to get the marble jumping through the gap. Find your rhythm, then go as fast as you can

Loopy Looper - Hoop
'Hoop' can be used as a classic spinner, or a fun game of hoop-shooting.

Loopy Looper - Flow
'Flow' is perfect when you need a 'zen' spinning experience - just spin as slowly as you like.

From Blue Orange Games- Ages 8+