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Sydnie Koala Soft

Sydnie Koala Soft

Brand: Douglas Cuddle Toy
Item # 15050
SKU: 2789
Age: 24m+
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Having traveled all the way from the eucalyptus forests of Australia, Sydnie, Douglas' Soft Koala stuffed animal is super sleepy and he hopes to find a cozy place to cuddle up and nap! Right now, your arms are looking like a pretty nice place to stop and take a snooze! Silky soft plush materials of the highest quality make him even softer than real life Koalas so we're certain that it'll only take one snuggle for you to fall in love with this lovable marsupial. Large, amber colored eyes, a black nose, and white accents on Sydnie's ears and chin lend a lifelike look that will charm wildlife enthusiasts of any age. Befriend Douglas' Soft Koala plush for a soothing friend who's always up for cuddly hug!