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Picasso Tiles- 108pc 2 in 1 Magnetic Marble Run & Racing Track Set | PTG108 | Picasso Tiles

Picasso Tiles- 108pc 2 in 1 Magnetic Marble Run & Racing Track Set

Brand: Picasso Tiles
Item # ptg108
SKU: 102831
Age: 3+
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INFINITE OPEN ENDED POSSIBILITIES - Contains 108pcs of vibrant, colorful, and translucent magnetic or clip-in piece building blocks and tiles that connect together intuitively to allow frustration-free play time, hand-eye coordination, motor skill training, and child brain development. Equipped with various geometric shapes, including columns, slopes, slides, funnels, U-turns and steel-weighted marbles, LED cars, the 3-D marble run and race car tracks allow multi-layer designs that enable children to stimulate the imaginations.

NURTURES CREATIVITY - Children can dream up their own masterpieces with the variety of bright colors and fun shapes. Building multi-layer, tower toy designs enables children to pay attention and utilize their creative minds to focus and develop the logical thinking required to make the accessible path by removing the road blocks and challenges. The exciting action pieces capture help children to stay focused while encouraging collaboration and cooperation with other kids to make learning fun.

Problem Solving - having the race cars and marble run in motion is a good incentive for the children to troubleshoot and sharpen their problem solving skills when things don't operate their way.

CHILD-SAFE - Made of NON-TOXIC, BPA-FREE, LEAD-FREE materials, the premium building blocks are certified and tested to ensure quality and safety.