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Musical Tea Set | BT2586Z | Battat

Musical Tea Set

Brand: Battat
SKU: 105660
Age: 3+
Your upcoming tea gathering just got more delightful with this colorful and cheerful, tea playset for toddlers.

 Press any of the flowers on the teapot to switch between 3 songs; providing the perfect ambiance for your tea party guests. Also plays 2 teapot sounds; lift the lid to hear the tea boil. Close it back down to hear the kettle whistle. "Tea's ready! Would you like a cupcake with that, dear?" Imaginative and pretend play is an essential part of childhood as it improves confidence. It helps develop many developmental assets such as social and fine motor skills. This tea party set toy is the perfect addition to any pretend play kitchen. Recommended for kids 3 years and up. This kid's tea set is made of safe and sturdy materials. Meets or exceeds CAN, U.S. and EU safety standards.

9 PIECES: 1 singing teapot, 2 saucers shaped like flowers, 2 leaf spoons, 2 cups and 2 cupcakes.