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Spy Lab Night Vision Goggles | Thames and Kosmos | 548006
Spy Lab: Night Vision Goggles
Spy Lab: Night Vision Goggles

Spy Lab: Night Vision Goggles

Brand: Thames & Kosmos
SKU: 105343
Age: 8+

Conduct covert ops and surveillance when darkness falls! Your mission impossible is possible with these night vision goggles. Get the scoop on cases and search for clues using the fold-out magnifier and periscope. Got to observe a clandestine night-time rendezvous? Look closely, even at a distance. Investigating a criminal investigation in the dark? The green LED headlamp mimics night-vision tech to help you see clearly. Even detach the headlamp to use it as a flashlight.


  • Conduct secret missions and surveillance under the cover of night
  • Two fold-out scopes for magnifying and scouting
  • Green LED simulates night vision and allows you to see more clearly in the dark
  • Detachable flashlight
  • One size fits all