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NugLug Complete Set | Nug and Tater

NugLug Complete Set

Brand: Nug and Tater
Item # ng100
SKU: 106028
Age: 3+
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The NugLug is a portable educational system designed to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of a child. Intentionally designed as a screen-free activity, it provides for hours of creative play. The modular design allows for interchangeable activities to accommodate a range of ages and interests. The NugLug includes a whiteboard for drawing and game play, alphabet tiles, tangram puzzles and 3-dimensional magnetic building blocks. The food grade containers can also be used to pack snacks for families on-the-go.

1 NugLug system case with bamboo wrap
1 double-sided magnetic white board
1 large interchangeable food grade container
2 small interchangeable food grade containers
Custom Created Young Artist Magnet Set, 144 pieces
Magnetic blocks set, 8 pieces
Magnetic tangram set- 7 wood shapes and 10 double-sided image cards
3 double-sided dry erase markers with eraser

For ages 3+