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NurserySandboxandPool | calico critters | cc2169
Nursery Sandbox and Pool

Nursery Sandbox and Pool

Brand: Calico Critters
Item # cc2169
SKU: 107041
Age: 3+
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The Nursery Sandbox & Pool set is perfect for the nursery. It comes with a Flora Rabbit cradled baby.

The castle has windows where the babies can peek out from and a big slide.

Comes with cute toys for playing in the sandbox and pool, including a bucket, scoop and ball.

The pool has swimming rings that the babies, including cradled babies can fit in.

The Flora Rabbit cradled baby is Thyme.

Combine with the Sunny Castle Nursery and Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus (sold separately), to create a nursery that looks like a big castle.

Combine with the Sunny Castle Nursery, Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus, Nursery Swing, Nursery Friends and Flora Rabbit Family (sold separately) for even more fun.

Combine with baby and cradled baby figures (sold separately) for even more fun, imaginative playtime!